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the world's best macaroni and cheese - aged cheddar and penne pasta

more than 135 different cheeses in store


Daily, 8 am - 6 pm

Seaside Cheese Company in Cape May, NJ

Where in Cape May would cheese lovers go to find a delicious selection of artisanal cheeses? There is only one place, Seaside Cheese Company is a Cape May gem.

Steve and Barb White saw a need, Cape May needed a cheese shop and so was born the Seaside Cheese Company located at 600 Park Blvd. Visitors to this wonderful shop are greeted by a sample cheese tray and a friendly proprietor with extensive knowledge of the ways to enjoy cheese, recipes and the best wines to serve with different cheeses.

"There are some cheeses that work well when mixed in with crabmeat for a spread, others that are good for baking, and we have one that I like to suggest for putting on a grill. It won't melt, but itíll get soft and perfect for spreading on bread or crackers," says Stephen.

Current Specials

Seaside Cheese Company now has more than 135 different cheeses available to satisfy your palette. And this list just keeps growing.

Grab a friend, a bottle or two of wine, and come in for your private tasting. Pick three countries and you’ll get samples to taste and information on cheeses of the chosen area, served with bread, crackers, local honey, fig spread, nuts, and chocolate. Occurs after store hours. Minimum 2 people. Come hungry! 

$35 per person. By reservation only. Call 609-884-8700

Made with cheddar, gouda, and other fine cheeses. The recipe changes every Friday! Check our Facebook page for this week's selection. 

Barb & Steve's Flight of Cheese
Last Thursday of every month, year-round. Every event features a special guest and wine. 

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